Help / Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some tips and frequently asked questions below to help you get connected to other dealers in our channels quickly, send private messages and receive notifications within the desktop/mobile apps.

Talking In Channels

FarmZilla Connect Channels are where people come together to do business. When you log into your FarmZilla Connect app, the first thing you'll see is that you've joined the conversation in a channel. Swipe up and down to scroll through messages, and tap Post ("Post a Message" in the mobile app) to say something.

  • To say something chatty or informal, use the green Post button.
  • To make a buy, sell, or trade announcement, use the black Broadcast button.
  • Attach photos and other media using the Attach Files button (if you're out on the lot with your vehicle, select the "Camera" option when prompted).
  • Tag your broadcast messages so your announcements can be easily found by your peers.

To change Channels, open the Chat Dashboard by tapping the menu icon (when in mobile). Activity in other Channels while you have your FarmZilla Connect app open generates a notification counter (e.g. ) which also opens the chat dashboard.

From the Chat Dashboard, tap an item in the Channels collapsible section to open that channel, or simply swipe back into the channel you came from.

Notice that you can see all of the participants in the current channel by opening the collapsible section named after the current channel.

Private Messages

Private Messages are useful when negotiating deals with your fellow FarmZilla Connect users.

There are three ways to start a private conversation:

  • Tap any channel message that interests you
  • Open the Chat Dashboard using the menu icon or message indicator , and tap a conversation from the collapsible Private Messages section.
  • If you're in a channel, open the Chat Dashboard, and tap a chat user's name from the collapsible section named after the current channel.

When you enter a private conversation, your interface will change colour to indicate that you're messaging with only that user; other FarmZilla Connect users can't hear you.

To post a message, simply tap Post ("Post a Message" in the mobile app), type your message in the text area, and tap Post .

To share files in a private conversation, tap Upload .

At any time, open the Chat Dashboard to access your existing Private Messages.

Receiving Notifications

While you have the application open on your screen, you'll receive indicators (e.g. ) when there's new activity in FarmZilla Connect.

When you have the app minimized or your phone screen is off, you'll receive push notifications:

  • When you receive a private message
  • When broadcasts are posted in one of your Channels

These can be tapped to open your FarmZilla Connect app with the relevant activity showing. If you receive more than one on an Android device, they'll stack up in your notification bar, and tapping will take you to the most recent notification.

When you post a broadcast or send someone a private message, other FarmZilla Connect users with the mobile app will be notified in the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FarmZilla Connect?
FarmZilla Connect is the North American agriculture dealer app that delivers direct, multi-user, real-time chat with fellow agriculture equipment dealers in the United States and Canada. And it's free! The main chat window is a single page application. All activity is visible from a single page; users can track any activity “at a glance” and will never miss important events.

Q: Is the app available for my computer and mobile phone? How do I get a copy?
The app is available to download for your desktop computer, iPhone and iPad, and Android-based phones and tablets. Download FarmZilla Connect today!

Q: Are the conversations within the FarmZilla Connect app private and secure?
Connect is a private network, accessible only by other dealer members like you. You can also send Private Messages to other dealers to engage in private, encrypted conversations to negotiate the final details of your deals.

Q: Where can I find the FarmZilla Connect desktop app?
The FarmZilla Connect application consists of an icon in the systray/dock and the main chat window. When minimized, the FarmZilla Connect icon will remain in the user’s system tray or dock and can be opened at any time by clicking the icon.

Q: What do Notifications looks like?
Users will be notified of opportunities and communications by delivering “toaster pop up” desktop notifications, which stay visible for a few seconds. Clicking on the notification will take the user to the room (or private conversation) where the message was posted. Every notification will also change an indicator on the systray/dock icon, and in the taskbar. Additionally, the taskbar will flash orange for Windows users. There are 2 types of notifications that will be delivered to a user: Broadcast notifications are messages posted in one of the rooms in which the user is a participant. Private message notifications are when someone sends the user a private message.

Q: How do Channels and Private Messages work?
The “Rooms” section shows users all the rooms they belong to. By clicking its name, the user will enter the room. Any unseen activity will be tagged beside the room name as an alert. “Private Messages” section contains a list of private conversations the users has participated in. Conversations and message history are available by clicking a user’s name. The list is ordered to show the conversation with the most recent message activity at the top. This section can be sorted and filtered by free text by using the search filter text input and sort order drop down list. Any unseen messages will be tagged beside the conversation as an alert. “Room Participants” shows the participants of the user’s selected room. This shows the user a real time picture of their audience in any given room: who is online, who is offline, the room participant total, and total number of people currently online. The participant list can be filtered via free text for quick and easy finding of particular users.

Q: How do you POST messages?
Messages can be posted in the main chat area without creating any type of notification to the room participants. This feature is typically for non-urgent messages, when the user wants to ask public questions on an existing post, participate in friendly banter, or send welcoming messages. To post a message, the user types in the text area at the bottom of the page and presses enter or the send button.

Q: How do you post BROADCAST messages?
Broadcast messages will create a notification for all room participants. This can be used in more urgent scenarios, and is typically used to advertise a specific buy, sell, or trade opportunity. To send a broadcast message, the user clicks the informational message icon and leaves the “send a notification to everyone in the room” option selected. This option, which is selected by default, alters the look and feel of the interface to indicate that the user is sending a different type of message. A broadcast message can include: Text, Media, and Tags. Multimedia can be attached to any message or broadcast message. Users can include photos, video, PDFs, or documents along with their written message. To attach media, users will use the “Attach Files” button within the informational message interface. To share media files in a private conversation, users can click the “upload” icon.

Q: How do you SEARCH?
Chat rooms and private conversations can be filtered to find relevant content or search for something specific. This is especially helpful in busy rooms. Users can search/filter via free text, message tags and media type by clicking the search icon at the top of the main chat area.

Q: How do you REPLY?
Private conversations can be initiated from any post or broadcast in a chat room. When a private chat is initiated from a post or broadcast, the original message is included in the reply so the recipient knows what they are being contacted about, and so the sender can contextualize historic conversations at a glance. To reply to a post or broadcast, users may click the sender of any message in a public room and select “Reply to Message”.

User avatars will show beside every message. This profile photo can be changed in the “My Account” section, detailed below. Any users that do not update their avatar will be given a default grey avatar.

Q: What Account Options are available?
Users can modify basic elements of their account in the “My Account” section, including: First and last name, Email address (email address is used to identify the user in lieu of “username”), Phone number, Configuration of email notifications, and Profile picture / avatar.

Q: How do I provide user feedback?
Users can send us their feedback or report any problems. By clicking the feedback button in the application header, the user will be presented with a simple form to submit. Any feedback or bugs reported here are automatically sent to FarmZilla Connect Support Team.

Q: How do I add to my Contact List?
Users may click posted messages or participant names to add other users to their contact list using a contextual menu. This allows for quick access to other users that may be commonly contacted, or simply remembered for later. Users that are added to the contact list will appear in the private chats area.

Q: How do I configure Email Notifications?
If a user has configured their email notifications in “My Account”, private messages will be sent to users via email when the user is offline.

Q: How do I install FarmZilla Connect desktop application?

    Installation Instructions
  1. Install the FarmZilla Connect desktop application for PC or Mac
  2. Select the “Start FarmZilla Connect when the computer starts” checkbox during installation
  3. Open the FarmZilla Connect application and login to the FarmZilla Connect network
  4. Be sure to enable the “auto login” feature from the File pull-down menu
  5. On Windows machines, “Customize” the system tray icons and select the “Show icon and notifications” behaviour option for FarmZilla Connect

Q: How do I close the FarmZilla Connect application?
The user may hide the main chat window interface using the “minimize” icon in the header of the application or pressing the “X”. FarmZilla Connect will continue to run in the background to deliver notifications. To close the application completely and stop receiving notifications, the user may select the “Exit” option from the “File” menu in the top left of the main chat window (this will engage the offline email notifications if the user has configured it in “My Account”).

Q: How do Alerts work?
Alerts resulting from relevant FarmZilla Connect activity are sent directly to the desktop in real time with a “toaster pop up” that appears for a few seconds. The toaster pop up can be clicked while visible to navigate to the relevant room or conversation. The system tray icon will indicate the number of not yet viewed alerts with a numbered badge. The taskbar will flash orange and indicate the number of not yet viewed alerts with a numbered badge.


Should you have any further questions about the FarmZilla Connect apps, please don’t hesitate to contact us at FBC Publications LP, 1666 Dublin Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3H 0H1 - by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-665-1362.